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Posted by Real Honey | on May 4, 2017 |

Australian medicinal honey to fight superbugs

It’s a great time to be an Australian beekeeper.

Research from the University of Technology (UTS) has revealed the extent of the medicinal properties of honey derived from the leptospermum flower nectar.

Australian is home to over 83 sub-species of leptospermum polygalifolium, all of which have natural anti-bacterial properties in the pollen and nectar.

Real Honey’s Medi Honey is derived from the leptospermum found in the Macleay Valley and infused with local lemon myrtle essence to enhance its healing properties.

An article published in the Sydney Morning Herald on December 29, 2016 quoted University of Technology Sydney (UTS) researcher Dr Nural Cokcetin, “What makes these honeys really interesting is that they can kill superbugs, like Golden Staph. Superbugs are bacteria that can cause life-threatening infections and are resistant to most of the antibiotics that we have available to us currently.”

The article goes onto say that, while all honey has some antibacterial properties, honeys made from leptospermum plants are have more potent activity.

Another interesting discovery from the research was that honey not only kills bacteria, but, unlike in the case of antibiotics, bacteria do not become resistant to the honey.

Research into the leptospermum derived honey in Australia is relatively new, so we are sure to hear more about the amazing medicinal benefits of this delicious honey.

Fantastic news for Australian beekeepers!

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